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Have a decent User Guide for Studio & API

Instead of the bundle of outdated Forum advice (dating back to 4 years and 3 major version ago(!)), outdated Blog posts ("Best practices" referring to 2 versions ago (!)) and minimalistic online User Guide, let's have

-> an offline,
-> complete (EVERY dropdown-menu-item),
-> version-aware (let's not read text to get informed at the end that the new version does this differntly),
-> searchable (not have the info on "cool Studio feature" be hidden under "clstdftr" in the API description),
-> possibly even Tool-Tippy,


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  • Arnold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is extremely important.
    The current documentation resources are either out of date or require extreme effort to find.
    E.g. forum is too difficult to search in a short amount of time, and Ranorex's help site search results are too generic, too basic, too tutorial, and never get to the detail.
    Even Ranorex's support engineers can't find the information and have to go their devs.
    This is expected with open source software, but not commercial software.
    Luckily Ranorex customers have support from an excellent staff of support engineers.
    I see needing their support often in the future.

  • Pavel Kudrys commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with offline version of the user guide. It's a must! I understand that the online guide could be regularly updated. But this could be done with some kind of "online update" mechanism built in Ranorex Studio too.

    Also, API documentation really needs a better format, with real-world examples, ideally for each method. AutoIt documentation is a great example of API user guide!

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