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Remote view of licence server status

We have a limited number of licenses running via a license server.

It would be useful if there was a way that we could check the license server status remotely via a webservice api or http server.

At present I need to remote onto the appropriate box then check the licence info and confirming that licences are free before launching a test run.

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    Jamie Glendinning shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminRanorex (Admin, Ranorex) responded  · 

    We’re happy to announce an early release of a license statistic tool. Please feel free to download the application and to provide us with feedback (pm@ranorex.com).

    Download: https://download.ranorex.com/s/Yqb8b7DHDMc4Xbo
    Readme: https://download.ranorex.com/s/HCtgeDnbpad4jxa

    Note: The download package has been replaced by a new one as there were some files missing in the old package (2018-03-01 3:30 PM, CET.)

    Ranorex Product Management Team


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      • Wilco Rakhorst commented  · 

        Great update. It gives a good insight about the use of our licences. And with every update there is another wish :-)
        I second Bryon Sullivan's wish.
        Also, is it possible to set the calendar to the current month? Now you have to scroll to see the current month. (Default is the month which has the start of the data range). Instead of starting to show the month 'Date from' I would like to see the current month.

      • Bryon Sullivan commented  · 

        Is there currently any way to change the default dates that are selected when the page is loaded?

        This is a very helpful tool, especially when making the case to management that we need more licenses.

        Thanks in advance!

      • AdminRanorex (Admin, Ranorex) commented  · 

        @Wilco Rakhorst: please restart the service and clear the browser cache. After that is should work.

        A new version of the license statistics tool is available! It shows the computer name and license type of the current user.

      • Wilco Rakhorst commented  · 

        This looks very nice!
        I have been playing with the config settings. It looks like these settings are not updated in the web page.

        <!-- Date as shown in the chart.js graph. -->
        <add key="DateFormat" value="DD/MM/YYYY"/>

        <!-- Time as shown in the chart.js graph. -->
        <add key="TimeFormat" value="hh:mm a"/>

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We need a way to query the license server to determine and log usage over time. We do this with most other LM, i.e. Flex, Sentinel, GreenHills, etc. Please provide method to do same. Thanks.

      • sarthak singh commented  · 

        this would be very helpful for teams that have a limited pool of licenses.

      • Dawn commented  · 

        We had a similar request on the last part.
        The licenses server we installed on a delicate license server, but normal people can't access to that server.
        Based on situation and sometime we need to check the usage of the license, it would be great if there is any way we can check the license usages.

      • Rainer Haupt commented  · 

        .. or just view the licence server state within "About" or within the "Configure License" Dialog or a simple web site

      • Dietmar Wolf commented  · 

        I'am surprised that not a standard licenserver is used, which isn't supported by any tools for reporting the license usage, nor a specifc tool for usage reporting is provided by ranorex.


      • Thierry Alexandre commented  · 

        We are increasing our numbers of RX licenses so that our Test Automation suppliers (some times off-shore) can use our licenses. As we do not want to lose control on where are the licenses we pay for, we need to have a way to manage the licenses from a central place.

        We suggest that the license manager allow profiling of license by providing the means of :

        - defining UserGroup
        - attaching License of the two type to the group
        - attaching User/agents to the user Group
        - reporting License usage , by user, by usergroup, by license type

        This will resolve a fair number of RFI reported on the same matter.

        We will read your answer with attention.

      • Andreas Grasmüller commented  · 

        And it would be helpful to be able to see to whom (IP/hostname) the licenses are assigned currently

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